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    • Vanillin
      CAS No:121-33-5
      Usages:Vanillin, also known as Vanillin, is a widely used edible spice, found in the seeds of vanilla, or synthetic, and often creamy.Widely used in a variety of need to increase the flavor of milk flavor food, such as cakes, cold drinks, chocolate, candy;It can also be used in soap, toothpaste,
    • Titanium Dioxide
      CAS No:1317-70-0
    • Methyl chloride
      CAS No:74-87-3
      Usages:Product Description: Methyl chloride is a colorless flammable toxic gas, an organic halide, can be generated by methane and chlorine substitution reaction can be halogenated. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in benzene and so on.
    • Trimethylamine
      CAS No:75-50-3
      Usages:Product Description: Product Name: trimethylamine detection of fish freshness of the gas sensor that is detected by trimethylamine to achieve. In organic synthesis can be used as nucleophiles. Preparation of disinfectants and natural gas alarm agents, analytical reagents and organic synthe
    • Cylinders fitted anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
      CAS No:
      Usages:Product Description: anhydrous hydrofluoric acid high chemical activity, water absorption, soluble in water when the intense heat. With a high dielectric constant, low viscosity and wide liquid range and so is a good solvent. Self-dual ionization will occur. Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is
    • Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
      CAS No:
      Usages:Product Description: anhydrous hydrofluoric acid high chemical activity, water absorption, soluble in water when the intense heat. With a high dielectric constant, low viscosity and wide liquid range and so is a good solvent.
    • Dimethylamine
      CAS No:124-40-3
      Usages:Mainly used as vulcanization accelerator for rubber, leather to hair agent, medicine, pesticides, textile industry solvents, dyes, propellants and dimethyl hydrazine, N, N-dimethyl formamide and other organic intermediates raw materials. 
    • Formic acid
      CAS No:64-18-6
      Usages:formic acid is one of the basic organic chemical raw materials, widely used in pesticides, leather, dyes, pharmaceuticals and rubber and other industries. Product Description: Formic acid (chemical formula HCOOH, molecular formula CH2O2, molecular weight 46.03), common name formic acid, i
    • N-pentane
      CAS No:109-66-0
      Usages:Mainly used for molecular sieve desorption and replacement of Freon as a blowing agent, used as a solvent, artificial ice, synthetic amyl alcohol, isopentane and so on.
    • Dimethylformamide
      CAS No:68-12-2
      Usages:Dimethylformamide is a very wide range of chemical raw materials, is also a very good use of a wide range of solvents. Product Description: Dimethylformamide (DMF) is a transparent liquid
    • Unsaturated polyester resin
      CAS No:
      Usages:This is the biggest advantage of unsaturated polyester resin. Can be cured at room temperature, atmospheric pressure molding, flexible process performance, especially for large and on-site manufacturing of glass fiber reinforced plastic products
    • Methylamine
      CAS No:74-89-5
      Usages:Monomethylamine has a wide range of industrial uses, mainly used for medicine, pesticides, dyes and fuels, surfactants, accelerators, and rubber chemicals, photographic chemicals and solvents and other raw materials.
    • Infrared absorbing agent
      CAS No:
      Usages:Can be mixed into a variety of solid or liquid polymers, including thermosetting resins and thermoplastic plastics and ink coatings and maintain a high degree of visible light transmittance, RT-IR500 can be used in housing, marine paint
    • NBR
      CAS No:9003-18-3
      Usages:NBR because of its excellent oil resistance and physical and mechanical properties, widely used in the manufacture of various oil-like rubber products, such as the 0-ring, Sushu, hoses and fuel tank rubber lining
    • Salicylic acid
      CAS No:69-72-7
      Usages:Product Description: 1, alkali and iodometric titration standards. A fluorescent indicator, and a complexing indicator. 2, the goods in the rubber industry as anti-coke agent and the production of UV absorbers and foaming agent.
    • R22
      CAS No:75-45-6
      Usages:Product Description: R22 is a colorless, nearly odorless gas at room temperature. It is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive, slightly toxic than R12, but still safe refrigerant, classified as A1; Color transparent liquid.
    • Halogen-free flame retardant, epoxy resin CCL FCCL flame retardant
      CAS No:225789-38-8
      Usages:It is mainly used in Epoxy Resin, CCL, FCCL and other industries. It can be used to improve the flame-retardant property of products.
    • Titanium dioxide
      CAS No:13463-67-7
      Usages:Product Description: Titanium Dioxide Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), molecular weight: 79.88, is a white inorganic pigment with non-toxic, the best opacity, the best brightness and brightness, is considered the world's best performance White pigment
    • Tetrachlorethylene
      CAS No:127-18-4
      Usages:Product Description: 1, tetrachlorethylene is widely used, mainly used as organic solvents, dry cleaning agent, metal degreasing solvent, also used as anti-intestinal worm medicine. Tetrachlorethylene can be used as fat extractant, fire extinguishing agent and smoke agent
    • R134a
      CAS No:811-97-2
      Usages:Replacing the existing R-12 refrigeration system and air-conditioning system Product Description: R134a is an alternative to H-12 R-12 refrigerant. Can be applied to a new type of high-temperature fixed commercial refrigeration system
    • Cyclohexanone
      CAS No:108-94-1
      Usages:Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw materials, is the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid main intermediates. Is also an important industrial solvent
    • Oxalic acid
      CAS No:144-62-7
      Usages:Product Description: Properties: anhydrous oxalic acid is a colorless or odorless transparent crystal or white powder. poisonous. Soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Dihydrate is also a colorless crystal. Specific gravity 1.653, melting point 101 ℃
    • Urotropine
      CAS No:100-97-0
      Usages:white hygroscopic crystalline powder or colorless shiny diamond-shaped crystals, flammable. Melting point of 263 ° C, such as more than the melting point of sublimation and decomposition, but not melting. Hazardous Ingredients CAS No. Hexamethylenetetramine 100-97-0.
    • Xylene
      CAS No:95-47-6
      Usages:Widely used in paints, resins, dyes, ink and other industries to do the solvent; for medicine, pesticides and other industries to do monomer or solvent; also can be used as high-octane gasoline components, organic chemical raw materials.
    • Chloroform
      CAS No:67-66-3
      Usages:Organic synthesis of raw materials, mainly used to produce Freon (F-21, F-22, F-23), dyes and drugs. Can be used as antibiotics, spices, oils, resins, rubber solvent and extraction agent.
    • Dichloromethane
      CAS No:75-09-2
      Usages:Methylene chloride has the advantages of strong solubility and low toxicity, a large number for the manufacture of safe film, polycarbonate, the rest used as paint solvents, metal degreasing agent, gas aerosol spray, polyurethane foaming agent, release agent , Paint remover.
    • Phenol
      CAS No:108-95-2
      Usages:Phenol is an important organic chemical raw materials, which can be used to prepare phenolic resin, caprolactam, bisphenol A, salicylic acid, 2,4-D, adipic acid, phenolphthalein acetoethoxyaniline and other chemical products and intermediates
    • Toluene
      CAS No:108-88-3
      Usages:Toluene is widely used as a solvent and high octane gasoline additive, but also an important raw material for organic chemicals, but with the same time from the coal and oil obtained benzene and xylene compared to the current production is relatively surplus, so a considerable amount Of to
    • 141b
      CAS No:1717-00-6
      Usages:dichlorofluoroethane, chemical name, the product can replace CFC-11 for rigid polyurethane foam foaming agent, instead of CFC-113 for cleaning agent
    • Acetaldehyde
      CAS No:75-07-0
      Usages:Organic synthesis, acetaldehyde is a two-carbon reagents, electrophilic reagents, as CH3CH (OH) synthesis, with the original chirality. It is condensed with three parts of formaldehyde to form pentaerythritol C (CH2OH) 4. [9] reacts with Grignard reagents and organolithium reagents to form
    • Methylaldehyde
      CAS No:109-87-5
      Usages:mainly used in the production of anion effect for the resin, but also for solvents and special fuels. Its solubility than acetone, and methanol and azeotropic mixture can dissolve high nitrogen content. But should not be used as a general solvent, usually a special co-solvent. Also used fo
    • Butyraldehyde
      CAS No:123-72-8
      Usages:Butyraldehyde is an important chemical raw materials. Also used for flavor, spices preparation, nature of the flowers, leaves, fruit, grass, dairy products, alcohol and other essential oils contain the ingredients
    • Paraformaldehyde
      CAS No:30525-89-4
      Usages:Industry - used in synthetic resin, adhesives, coatings and other industries Product Description: Polyformaldehyde with low degree of polymerization instead of ordinary industrial formaldehyde solution in the synthesis of pesticides, synthetic resins, coatings and fumigation system to pro
    • P-tert-butylphenol
      CAS No:98-54-4
      Usages:P-tert-butylphenol has antioxidant properties, can be used for rubber, soap, chlorinated hydrocarbons and digestive fiber stabilizer. UV absorbers, pesticides, rubber, paint and other anti-cracking agent
    • 6-tert-butyl-m-cresol
      CAS No:88-60-8
      Usages:Organic synthesis, as polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS resin and petroleum products, antioxidants, but also phenolic antioxidant CA, antioxidant 300, antioxidant BBM intermediates.
    • Orthophosphoric acid
      CAS No:7664-38-2
      Usages:Phosphoric acid is one of the food additives in food as sour agent, yeast nutrition, Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid. Phosphate is also an important food additives, can be used as a nutritional enhancer.
    • Maleic anhydrid
      CAS No:108-31-6
      Usages:Maleic anhydride (referred to as maleic anhydride) is an important organic chemical raw materials. Mainly used in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd paint, paper sizing agent, lubricating oil additives
    • Phthalic anhydride
      CAS No:85-44-9
      Usages:Dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl phthalate are important plasticizers. Phthalic anhydride and polyols (such as glycerol, pentaerythritol) polycondensation to produce polyarylate resin for the paint industry
    • Acrylic acid
      CAS No:79-10-7
      Usages:Prepared by homopolymerization or copolymerization of polymers for coatings, adhesives, solid resins, molding compounds and so on. Product Description: Acrylic acid is an important organic synthesis of raw materials and synthetic resin monomer
    • Potassium hydroxide
      CAS No:1310-58-3
      Usages:As a desiccant, absorbent, for the production of oxalic acid and a variety of potash, but also for electroplating, carving, lithography, etc. Product Description: Potassium hydroxide (chemical formula: KOH, type: 56.1) white powder or flaky solid
The main products of our company include methyl chloride, trimethylamine TMA, cyclohexanone, R22, R134a, glyphosate, perchloroethylene and other chemical produts etc.
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Tel: 86-570-3068933 Mobile: 86-13757033869 Fax: 86-570-3068933 Email: qzrt@vip.163.com
Address: Room 313. building No.36 , Juhua Wenyuan, Quzhou,Zhejiang,China
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